Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Patio shapes and borders

Patio shapes and borders for an outdoor living space become a key element in the way a patio looks and the shape and feel it takes on after the main floor is layed.

3 key factors that we propose to our clients :   1) STYLE - style is best well described in the hardscape world as round , square or mix. Each of these shapes has and will make a patio's style become it's own. Round represents a loose style to the patio , warm in nature and allows corners to be highlighted with certain elements ( Fire features , water features .) Round also gives room for creating your own style and shape to highlight certain areas of the outdoor space.

SQUARE SHAPE - Is most often refered to the style as modern or contemporary. Square shapes of outdoor living space keep things confined as seperate rooms of a home or space. Square can create sharp features with borders and with fire and water features tucked in a visual from your main house. Squares can be cold and can create a cold look to an outdoor space , However borders stand out far more in a square patio.

MIX- Exactly as the name say's , A mix of round and square can create a happy medium to an outdoor space , creating sharp fire elements and round seatwalls to compliment the feel of a warm inviting space . We use mix elements in cases where the home has sharp corners and square peaks . By using a mix we can compliment the homes shape and give curves to make the space seem not so square. Borders can be highlighted in square areas of the patio as a curve to offset it's tight look.

BORDERS- How to decide a look? Easier than we make it . Color should always be complimented in earthy tones as in nature. Red and Grey for example , Work well if you have a ranch style home or red bricked home with white trim. Grey and Greyer, Work well for a modern look or contemporary look and splashed with a white or black. Tan & Grey, Work great for the traditional home and a everyday favorite as everything goes together!

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps with your decision making process for your new outdoor living space.

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