Tuesday, March 3, 2015


I always get asked what is the biggest difference between pavers and stamp concrete? 

ANSWER: Concrete stamped is poured on a solid slab and pavers have individual joint lines with grout as a bonding agent.

Why is concrete less expensive then a paver patio? 

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ANSWER: Concrete poured on site and stamped requires less labor and minimal preparation as with a paver patio. Pavers are individual stones laid on a rock base and 1in of sand for leveling. Pavers are warranted as concrete patios are not warranted products. Cracking in cold climates and unsettled slabs are inevitable and will happen over time. Pavers allow flex and control of freeze thaw in climates where cold temperatures are a factor.

Do pavers get grass between the joints? Concrete does not do that? 

ANSWER: Pavers that are not properly grouted or installed correctly will have a higher chance of getting weeds in those areas. However , a properly grouted patio and well maintained patio (sealing) will last forever. Concrete over time of weather related cracks build up breaks that will allow weeds to grow.

Can I repair a cracked concrete stamped patio to save money? 

ANSWER: Lets be honest if you wreck your car and total the front it will never drive the same correct? Just like the example a patio that is cracked can be patched  or bandage. However , it will never be fully repaired until you rip out and start over. Pavers are individual concrete pavers that can easily be removed and re-installed if need repair or need moved. Concrete slabs are a solid pc.

Why are concrete slabs or stamped patios tax accessed in most states and pavers are not? 

ANSWER: Concrete is a solid slab considered attached to your home where pavers are individual pavers that are considered not attached or tax accessed. Each state has different laws. Check with your accountant or state official for assessments.

Bottom line a product that is warranted or carries a lifetime warranty is a better investment and return on investment. Money well spent. 


  1. We are starting to have weeds come out through our concrete. It was laid correctly years ago, but needs to have the cracks resealed. This would really help us keep the weeds out and help us maintain the longevity of our driveway. http://www.southwestslurryseal.com/crack-sealing/

  2. I didn't really know the difference between stamped concrete and paved concrete. I think they both look nice and they have their own style to them. The one thing I really like is the stamped because you don't have to worry about the tiles coming up from the patio. http://istexas.net/concrete_coating_arlington_tx.html