Monday, January 25, 2016

What makes your food taste better in your outdoor living space?

What makes the food taste better in your Outdoor Living Space ?

  What makes a restaurant good ? The food ?  The grill ? The guy cooking the food?  All of the above especially the guy cooking the food, Right?   I've eaten at some great restaurants and set in some restaurants and wondered why or who doesn't think this place needs  a remodel or a sense of ambiance. Same goes with your outdoor living space and the table you entertain and enjoy nights of great meals with family and friends. 

Planing that eating space

 Where was the last great meal you had? What made this a great meal? The people that surrounded you at that meal? These are all things that should be asked in planning your outdoor living space. 

How often do we eat outside? What foods do we like to cook outside? What will we need to cook those great grilled foods and drink our favorite beverages outside? Who will we be entertaining? 1-10 guest or 3 five  or for the supernatural parents 5 or more kids. 

The Table and how it works for your space?

  The space you sit at is crucial, Finding  that favorite spot to sit at and how you fill when you are relaxing at that table is and the only way to unwind after a long week of work. There are essentially 4 types of counter tops or surfaces used for your table , I will give you pros and cons to both. 

Wood- Wood can bring out the cook in you. I sometimes think old oak and a bottle of wine make me cook more like an Italian chef. Wood can have it's advantages and made properly and covered or taken care of will last for years of enjoyment, Yes , taken care of.  We had a client that would carve there guest names in the oak table every time they entertained. I thought this was the greatest idea since , cooking with olive oil became healthy. So, don't rural out the new trends of rustic woods. 

Granite- Comes in all the exciting colors , don't choose black......Hot and hard to clean. Makes a great solid decorative top , widely used for outdoor kitchens. Cost can vary and is the number one choice for outdoor entertaining. 

Tile- Tile has come a long way. Remember when putting a back splash of tile with Dad was fun? Getting dad that cold beverage out of the fridge , you felt like a hero! Tile comes in many shapes and styles that now replicate wood or granite , natural stone. Tile is a great option for the budget minded. Cost can be less and still give the look you are wanting to accomplish. A little cleaning maintenance and sealant once in awhile and presto you have a great counter space. 

Metal/Iron- So why not? Cast irons and metals have been around since the dawn of time. What do I like about it? Not much , I will be honest, Used the correct way or mixed with some of the above options , I can tolerate. Metal and Iron can be cold and although it would help keep my favorite beverage cold , my arms on a cold evening is not pleasing. Use Iron to accent tables , highlight the colors of that favorite table top. 

So , what makes your food taste better in your outdoor space? What surrounds you and what makes you feel happy is what you sit behind. Entertain and let the ones you entertain , decide what makes your favorite table to sit behind. Be inspired to make your space a part of you and how you cook . 

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